I’m a writer and expat/repat, so much of my published work – but certainly not all – tends to be on related issues.

What follows is a list with links to most of my work on a variety of online and print media: radio interviews, non-fiction expat articles, expat book interviews and book reviews, my guest posts at other expat blogs and some very cool awards & recognition.

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On the RADIO:

Interviewed by Kate Cobb for Turning Points book (Oct. 22, 2011 – 12 min.)

Interviewed by fellow expat Nicky Sully on DutchbuzzNL (expat radio in The Hague, Oct. 18, 2011 – 4 min. beginning at 26:18 mark )

Interviewed by Jo Parfitt’s Writers Abroad Radio Show (Women’s International Network, May 25, 2011 – 18 min.)

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Some of my recently published non-fiction ARTICLES:

Expatriwaits (Expat Focus May 2014)

Pascoe/Parfitt Resident Writers Introduced at FIGT2014 (FIGT Blog Apr 2014)

Seeing the Wizard of Expat Life and Returning Home (Inaugural Interview on The Displaced Nation’s new series, “Emerald City to Kansas,” 21 Mar 2014)

Valuing the Written Word (FIGT Blog Feb 2014)

Appreciating the Dust (Expat Focus Jan 2014)

Anatomy of a Decision (Expat Focus Oct 2013)

Spring in the Netherlands (Expat Focus Jun 2013)

Traveling Tightrope (Expat Focus May 2013)

Passing the Crown (Expat Focus Apr 2013)

Heard It Through the Grapevine (Families in Global Transition Blog Mar  2013)

Building My Global Tribe in the Netherlands (Expat Focus Feb 2013)

Stripping Down the Holidays (Expat Focus Dec 2012)

Autumn Equals Change (Expat Focus Oct 2012)

Study Secrets for the New-to-Town (ACCESS ezine Fall 2012, pp. 44-47)

Savouring Summer’s Schedule (Expat Focus Aug 2012)

School’s in Session (Expat Focus Jul 2012)

That Time of Year (Expat Focus Jun 2012) *A perennial favorite – more than 9,100 reads!

Can Being Bilingual Make You Smarter? (Telegraph May 18, 2012)

The Global U-Bend of Happiness (Expat Focus May 13, 2012)

Expat Archive Centre: Global Gem in The Hague (I Am Expat May 1, 2012)

Expat University Search – The Second Time Around (Telegraph Apr 19, 2012)

Wanderlust (Expat Focus Apr 2012)

The True Universal Language (Expat Focus Mar 2012)

Building Bridges Globally & Locally: Willem Post (The Underground Mar 1, 2012)

Neighbours: Interview with Michael Sanderson (The Underground Mar 1, 2012)

Enduring Love (The Underground Feb 1, 2012)

Neighbours: Interview with Barbara Rogoski (The Underground Feb 1, 2012)

Neighbours: Interview with Sean Kilkenny (The Underground Jan 1, 2012)

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence Education Dec 16, 2011)

Strengthening Social Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence Education Dec 16, 2011)

Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Component of Building Emotional Resilience (Emotional Intelligence Education Dec 14, 2011)

Expatriate Archive Centre in The Hague (pp. 16-17, The Underground Dec 1, 2011)

Neighbours: Interview with Kelly Kelly (The Underground Dec 1, 2011)

Thanksgiving Deconstructed (Squidoo Thanksgiving Magazine Nov 1, 2011)

Neighbours: Interview with Lencola Sullivan-Verseveldt (The Underground Nov 1, 2011)

Reflections on Living Cross-Culturally (I Am Expat Oct 24, 2011)

Tips for Developing Emotional Resilience (Expat Health Sep 27, 2011)

Interview with David Beckett (I Am Expat Sep 6, 2011)

Emotional Resilience & the International Aid Worker  (Expat Backup’s Moving Issue Aug 15, 2011)

Expats Benefit from Emotional Resilience [Risks] (Adapting Abroad Aug 12, 2011)

Emotional Resilience and Expat Life: Part V, FACTORS for Emotionally Resilient Expats (I Am Expat Jul 18, 2011)

Emotional Resilience & Expat Life: Part IV, Engendering Emotional Resilience part ii (I Am Expat Jun 29, 2011)

Emotional Resilience and Expat Life: Part IV, Engendering Emotional Resilience – part i of ii (I Am Expat Jun 23, 2011)

Emotional Resilience and Expat Life: Part III, Emotional/Social Intelligence & Optimism (I Am Expat Jun 15, 2011)

Emotional Resilience and Expat Life: Part II, Transition & Change (I Am Expat Jun 9, 2011)

Emotional Resilience and Expat Life: Part I, Identity & the Expat (I Am Expat May 31, 2011)

Interview with Jo Parfitt (I Am Expat May 6, 2011)

Interview with The Singing Warrior: Niamh Ni Bhroin (Khiruna Apr 28, 2011)

Human Trafficking: The Ugly Truths (I Am Expat Apr 27, 2011)

Czech out Prague (You! and Your Life in the UAE print magazine with ExpatWoman.com Apr 2011)

Expat Life in Spain: You’ve Survived (The Jungle Drums Apr 2011; requested reprint of Jan 12 2011 Expatica article)

Interview with Carolyn Vines (I Am Expat Mar 17, 2011)

Expat Life: You’ve Survived, Now Thrive! (Expatica Jan 12, 2011) Totally psyched that this was featured on all nine of expatica.com’s country sites: Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Russia!

American as Appeltaart: Subtle Ways Living Abroad Can Alter Perceptions of Identity (American Citizens Abroad News Update Issue 193, Jan 2011)

Combining the Old and New into the Now (I Am Expat Dec 23, 2011)

Ten Reasons to Learn Dutch (ACCESS magazine Winter 2010, pp. 14-15)

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Some published BOOK REVIEWS I’ve written:

Harvesting Stones: An American Women’s International Journey to Survival by Paula Lucas (Expat Arrivals Oct 9, 2013)

American in Britain Quarterly Expat Book Reviews Sep 2013 (Americans in Britain magazine Sep issue, pp 18-19), plus catch the review of TERE immediately following!

Release the Book Within by Jo Parfitt (Global Living magazine Mar/Apr issue 2013, p 56)

Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott (Global Living magazine Aug/Sep issue 2012, p 58)

Release the Book Within by Jo Parfitt (Xpat.nl July 2012)

Dr. Lisa Pittman & Diana Smit’s Expat Teens Talk (Xpat.nl Mar 2012)

Sunshine Soup by Jo Parfitt (Xpat.nl Nov 2011)

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Child & Adolescent Psychology by Jack Westman & Victoria Costello (TweenParent.com Sep 2011)

Simone Costa Eriksson and Ana Serra’s The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad (Familyclickmom Jul 15,  2011)

Julia Simens’ Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child (Familyclickmom Jul 1 2011)

A Career in Your Suitcase by Jo Parfitt (Xpat.nl Apr 2011)

Find Your Passion: Twenty Tips and Twenty Tasks for Finding Work that Makes Your Spirit Soar by Jo Parfitt (Xpat.nl Apr 2011)

Niamh Ni Bhroin’s The Singing Warrior (Expatica Apr 8, 2011)

Jo Parfitt’s Find Your Passion: Twenty Tips and Twenty Tasks for Finding Work that Makes Your Spirit Soar (I Am Expat Mar 24, 2011)

Jo Parfitt’s A Career In Your Suitcase (Expat Arrivals, Feb 24, 2011)

Vicky Gray’s Didgeridoos & Didgeridon’ts: A Brit’s Guide to Moving Your Life Down Under (I Am Expat Feb 22, 2011)

Carolyn Vines’ black and A(broad): traveling beyond the limitations of identity (Expat Arrivals Feb 16, 2011)

Niamh Ni Bhroin’s The Singing Warrior: Finding Happiness After a Past Filled with Pain (I Am Expat Feb 9, 2011)

Vicky Gray’s Didgeridoos & Didgeridon’ts (Xpat.nl, Jan 2011)

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Where Culture Takes Us series (Justine Ickes, Culture Every Day, Sep 2014)

No End to Goodbyes (Melinda Roos, Malaysia Star Online May 12, 2014)

4 Observations After 3 Years of Holding Up the Mirror to Expat (& Repat) Life (The Displaced Nation May 1 2014)

2013 Year in Review: Significant Milestones in the TCK/Expatriate Community (TCKids Dec 31 2013)

2013 Holiday Special: Notable Books By, For and About Expats (The Displaced Nation Dec 20 2013)

The Global Careerist: Internal and External Supports Needed for Success by Colleen Reichrath-Smith

and Roberta A. Neault (UK Journal of the National Institute for Career Education & Counselling, Oct 2013, Issue 31, p 51)

And the August 2013 Alices Go to … These 3 International Creatives (The Displaced Nation Sep 3 2013)

The Most Interesting Expat Blogs Online (Feedbacq, July 2013)

Featured Blog: Linda at Adventures in Expat Land (InterNations Sep 12 2012)

Top Tips for Becoming Location-Independent and Living Anywhere (Blog Expat/Easy Expat Aug 7 2012)

Top Expats on Twitter: Russell VJ Ward (Telegraph Jul 20 2012)

Why Have Expats Set the Blogosphere Alight? (Telegraph Jul 10 2012)

From the USA to the Netherlands on Blog Expat (Jul 9 2012)

Self Development: Learning and Growing by Maria Foley (Global Connection magazine, Mar 2012)

Expat Experience on Expat Focus (Mar 2012)

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My GUEST POSTS ON OTHER BLOGS (doesn’t include the monthly four-way virtual blog NorthSouthEastWest: Expat Dispatches):

Roots and Wings (Jul 19 2012 at All-in-One-Mum)

Summer Redefined (Aug 30 2011 at Perking the Pansies)

Writing Business Bits: Ideas for Launching and Marketing Your Book Online (Aug 10 2011 at Jo Parfitt)

Getting to Where You Want to Be, Part III (Jul 4 2011 at Jo Parfitt)

Getting to Where You Want to Be, Part II (Jun 12 2011 at Jo Parfitt)

Getting to Where You Want to Be, Part I (Jun 9 2011 at Jo Parfitt)

Pronounced Problems (Apr 2011 at The Unexpected Traveller)

And some very cool AWARDS/RECOGNITION:

Versatile Blogger Award

IAmExpat’s Top Expat Stories of 2011

Go! Overseas Top Blog Netherlands

FutureExpatForum.com’s Best Places to Find Expat Life Information, Ideas and Tips

HSBC Expat Info Desk’s Top Expatriate Blog Post Roundup

Expat Arrivals 2011 Great Blogger Award

IAmsterdam.com’s A Selection of Notable Expat Blogs



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