Here are some of the sites I follow. Check them out!

EXPAT/TRAVEL/GLOBAL BLOGS (from the Netherlands):

http://wordgeyser.com (dual national Brit/American Jane)

http://www.invader-stu.com (aka Invading Holland, Brit Stu)

http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com (accurate, interesting and hilarious)

http://www.likeasponge.nl (life in NL while explaining Dutch phrases)


http://www.expatcalidocious.com/ (ATCK back in Nederland…for now)


http://clogsandtulips.blogspot.nl/ (American Tiffany)

http://www.migratingyankee.blogspot.com (American Tiffany’s other blog)

http://thesingingwarrior.com/ (Irish Niamh)



http://letterfromthenetherlands.blogspot.com (Brit Amanda)

http://lifewithadoublebuggy.blogspot.nl/ (Brit Amanda raising 3 boys in Nederland)

http://www.cloggiecentral.com/ (American Heather by way of London)


http://inburgeringadventure.blogspot.com/ (Adventures in Integration)


http://drieculturen.blogspot.com/ (THE go-to blog on TCKs; I know this ATCK’s first name, but she’ll always be Drie to me)

http://rachelinamsterdam.wordpress.com/ (After 2 years living in/loving Nederland, this American blogger is now Repat Rachel)



http://cutekittypunk.blogspot.com   (drool over the recipes)


http://www.livinglabuenavida.com/ (great koffie/food/gift shop in Den Haag)



http://lifeinthehague.com/ (After a year of prep, American Niki is here in Den Haag with her Dutchie Marco)

http://www.olympicwanderings.com/ (Aussie expat and professional tour guide Caitlyn’s take on the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe)

http://thethreeunder.com/ (American Farrah writes of new life here with twins and another, all under age three)

http://rachelheller.org/ (American teacher/writer/former Peace Corps volunteer living in northern Netherlands with Dutch husband and family)

http://amsterdamian.com/ (Expat Dana living in and loving A’dam)

http://www.nedanders.n./english/ NEDanders: Foreign Views about the Netherlands

EXPAT, REPAT, TRAVEL & GLOBAL BLOGS (from around the world):

http://iwasanexpatwife.com (repat Maria back in Canada after France, Singapore and Australia)

http://www.insearchofalifelessordinary.com/ (Brit Russell in Sydney by way of both ends of Canada)

http://expatriababy.typepad.com/expatria-baby/ (Canadian Erica in Jakarta by way of Tokyo and several other cool places)

http://unexpectedtraveller.wordpress.com (Maltese/Brit in Brussels)

http://shamozal.blogspot.com (aka Aussie Kirsty’s 4 Kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle)

http://giddayfromtheuk.blogspot.com/ (Aussie Kym in London town)

http://www.expatharem.com/ (expat+Harem from Turkey)

http://perkingthepansies.com/ (repat Jack Scott in Norwich UK from Turkey)

http://cocktailsatnaptime.blogspot.com/ (Emma + Gillian)

http://www.mommyhasaheadache.blogspot.com/ (Emma)

http://misssymartin.blogspot.com/ (Gillian)

http://trailinghusband.com/ (Brit Dad in Florida)

http://disparatehuisvrouw.blogspot.com (Brit Shelley in Canada after the Netherlands)

http://expatriatelife.wordpress.com/ (aka longtime serial expat, immigrant and now Canadian repat Judy of Wife in a Suitcase)

http://www.notefromlapland.com/ (Brit Heather back in UK, hence now ‘Not from Lapland)


http://thedisplacednation.com/ (terrific, must-read site started by several bloggers joined together, committed to showcasing other global nomads, internationals, expats, repats, TCKs, cross-culturals)


http://theplanetd.com/ (aka ‘Canada’s Adventure Couple’)

http://www.timetravelturtle.com/ (Michael Turtle’s fascinating voyages to extraordinary places)

http://www.justaplanerideaway.com (Texan in London with a detour in Netherlands)

http://dubaidays-dubaidaisy.blogspot.com (Dubai Days)

The World is Waiting

http://www.belgianwaffling.com (aka Belgian Waffle, Brit Emma raising Anglo-French sons in Belgium)

http://thebluesuitcase.blogspot.com (American repat after living in Netherlands)

http://expatmum.blogspot.com (Brit Tony Hargis in Chicago, the Windy City)

http://bittenbyspain.com (Deb, the dogs and the birds – and whatever else - in Spain)

http://expatlog.com/ (Irish Aisha in Canada by way of UK)


http://www.livhambrett.com/ (Aussie Liv, formerly of A Big Life, returned to Oz but now back in Germany)

http://www.farawayhammerwriting.com/blogging-and-chattering.php (Valerie in South Korea)

http://countonlysunnyhours.wordpress.com/ (Brit Sarah in Qatar again after France & Netherlands)

http://petchary.wordpress.com/ (Brit Emma in Jamaica)

http://www.heathenpilgrim.com/ (American Matt’s walk across Turkey – NOW!)

http://www.lifeintheexpatlane.com (longtime serial expat Miss Footloose)

http://monkeysandmountains.com/ (Monkeys, Mountains and Maultaschen, formerly Expat in Germany)

http://mysydneyparislife.wordpress.com/ (now living primarily in Suffolk, England)

http://laavventura.wordpress.com/ (aka My Sardinian Life)

http://www.travelwkly.com/ (A-mazing photos)




http://www.akindleinhongkong.blogspot.com/ (American Shannon in Hong Kong after time in England)


http://www.foxnomad.com (One of Anil’s four – yes, four – travel blogs)

http://journeywoman.com/ (Women’s travel)

http://www.laneythestar.wordpress.com (Laney’s Lines Kim, repatriated back to Oz)


http://aresidentalien.wordpress.com/ (A Dutchie living in the US)

http://landlopers.com/ (Matt’s travel site)

http://singatamtam.blogspot.com/ (Dutchie Judy living in Singapore)

http://lipstickandlaptop.blogspot.com (Longtime int’l exchange student host/mega-supporter/American Karen now in Germany with family)

http://asiavufullcircle.blogspot.com/ (American TCKs come full circle back to Asia)

http://www.picaroonblog.com/ (HB & Pip living life on a sailboat)


http://expatalien.com/ (Kathleen, an ATCK/expat/repat)

http://www.herculesgetsapassport.com/ (travelers Marina & Kevin in London)

http://www.katieinprague.com/ (aka Katie no longer in Prague, now in Malaysia)

http://asturiandiary.wordpress.com/ (Brit in Spain)

http://parallelworldsblog.wordpress.com/ (seriously captivating travel photos)

http://www.joburgexpat.com/ (American Sine now repatriated after a stint in South Africa)

http://juliedawnfox.com/ (Brit Julie in Portugal)

http://www.enjoylivingabroad.com/my-blog.html (American Karen in Seville)

http://www.susanbkason.com/ (American repat Susan)

http://www.worldnomads.com/ (great ‘Ask a Nomad’ app feature)

http://lornaslifeinspain.blogspot.com (Lorna in Spain with alpacas)

http://www.vegemitevix.com/ (Kiwi Vicki in the UK)

http://preparedfortravel.com/ (longtime airline industry workers: ‘We see what works & what doesn’t’)

http://www.baconismagic.ca/ (Canadian Ayngelina, travel blogger, loving life)

http://dosomethingcool.net/ (Steve searches for & writes on the things that make life interesting)

http://roymarvelous.com/ (Traveling Kiwi Roy has the best ‘about’ page I’ve read, hands down)

http://www.heelsandwheelsonline.com/ (Brit Ric & American Bobbi travel, write, take awesome photos, cook & are foodies to boot)

http://www.mywanderinglife.com/ (longtime expat Heather, now in Shanghai)

http://eastofmalaga.wordpress.com/ (Marianne the arctophile in Malaga)

http://tckcckahdanceproject.blogspot.nl/ (ATCK Alaine Handa has her own dance group)

http://www.gogirlfriend.com/ (‘inspiring women to live their travel dreams’)

http://www.onetrailingspouse.com/ (American Emily in Kenya)

http://www.delhibound.com/ (Noami leaving Delhi for Singapore)

http://theheadmastershandbag.com/ (Brit/former teacher Claire in Kenya)

http://expattutor.wordpress.com/ (Lynne Diligent’s educational dilemmas around the globe)

http://www.wanderingearl.com/blog/ (After graduating university in 1999, Earl went on what was to be a three-month journey…and never looked back)

http://expatchild.com/ (Brit Carole newly relocated to South Africa by way of Tokyo and Berlin)

http://www.theamericanresident.com/ (American Michelle after 2 decades in UK)

http://jetsetcitizen.com/blog/ (Three years of location independence & counting)

http://www.ceciliahaynes.com/ (American/Hong Kong young adult TCK Cecilia traveling the world & living in Turkey, at least for now. AKA ‘Unsettled TCK’)

http://laurajstephens.com/ (Expat author Laura, a Brit repatriated from Singapore & Texas)

http://howtosurvivereversecultureshock.wordpress.com/ (Repat Elena)

http://expateyes.com/ (Rena in China and Mongolia after Dubai and Qatar)

http://manonthelam.com/ (Canadian & corporate escapee Raymond out experiencing the world: ‘Shake the Shackles, Escape through Travel’)

http://www.aganunosomewhere.com/ (Polish Aga and Portuguese Nuno in Galway by way of Warsaw/Porto, Bucharest and Barcelona)

http://www.eyeandpen.com/ (American Brandon Elijah Scott, photographer & travel writer)

http://findingthegypsyinme.com/ (American Teresa writes on life as an international house-sitter)

http://ersatzexpat.blogspot.nl/ (Dutch-Irish expat now living in Kazahkstan)

http://diary-of-a-move.blogspot.com/ (Greek, longtime expat Katia calling Switzerland home these days)

http://naomihattaway.com/ (aka ’53B’ – American repatriate Naomi, after living in Singapore and India)

http://ersatzexpat.blogspot.nl/ (Dutch/Irish serial expat now living in Kazakhstan)

http://maletrailingspouse.blogspot.nl/ (Brit Alexander turns a caustic eye on the inanities of ‘trailing’)

http://livingbilingual.com/ (Jeffrey’s bilingual ‘community built to connect, educate and inspire’)

http://thinkingnomads.com/ (Felicity and Marco ‘share, inspire and advise anyone who is interested in independent travel, everything from how, what and where’)

http://www.travelingvanillabean.com/ (American Heather heading to Prague after Taipei and Australia. Her take? ‘Slow travel. Authentic travel. Real experiences.’)

http://www.rockthekasbahafrica.blogspot.nl/ (American Marie repatriated after several years in Africa)

http://repatjack.com/ (Repat Jacquie after years in China)

http://volunteerfringe.com/ (Traveling Marney encourages volunteerism)

http://www.changmoh.com/ (Brit in Singapore who loves a classy bargain and refuses to pay inflated expat prices – hence her well-earned nickname ‘Chinese Angmoh’)

http://www.legalnomads.com/ (Canadian and former lawyer Jodi’s site ‘where culture, food and travel intersect’)

http://burntbythetuscansun.blogspot.com/ (For Italian-American Francesca, it was always going to be Italy)



http://www.expatwomen.com/expatblog (global blog list, I’m there under Netherlands)




http://www.access-nl.org (Netherlands)

http://www.emotional-intelligence-education.com (Helen Maffini)









http://www.expat-blog.com (global blog list, see Netherlands)


http://www.blogexpat.com (global blog list, see Netherlands; moving up in both Top Votes and Top Hits!)




http://www.figt.org/ (Families in Global Transition)



http://dwotd.web-log.nl (Dutch Word of the Day)

http://www.talencoach.nl/ (learning Dutch)

http://www.denizenmag.com (for TCKs)


http://expatteenstalk.blogspot.com/ (Lisa Pittman & Diana Smit)

http://zestnzen.wordpress.com/ (Anne Egros)

http://www.internationalfamilytransitions.com/ (Tina Quick)

http://www.interchangeinstitute.org/ (Anne Copeland)


http://www.toplanguagejobs.co.uk/ (jobs in Europe/worldwide, by language requirement)

http://www.togetherabroad.nl/ (career portal for professionals in NL)


http://www.theunderground.nl/ (monthly newspaper in The Hague)

http://www.expatbackup.com/ (assistance for international aid workers)

http://www.incultureparent.com  (‘Raising little global nomads’ – supporting multilingualism)

http://www.mycurrencytransfer.com/ (compare currency transfer rates)

http://www.mytravelmoney.co.uk/ (compare travel/holiday money rates)


http:/readers-cafe.com/ (Language Translation blog on culture, life, languages, travel and much more)

http://www.worldette.com/ ‘Ignite your travel life, make a difference, have fun!’

http://www.expatriateconnection.com/ (Anne Gillme’s ‘Support and Community for Smart Expatriates’)

http://www.diwyy.com/ Do it While You’re Young (site encourages young women to travel, study and live abroad)

http://www.mezzoguild.com/ (Aussie Donovan Nagel’s Mezzofanti Guild site celebrating learning multiple languages – very cool)

http://onraisingbilingualchildren.com/ (so you want to raise your children bilingually…)

http://www.globalvisas.com/ (Visas and immigration)

http://www.gringos.com/ (‘Community for Expats Living, Working and Traveling in Latin America’)

http://aboutworldlanguages.com/ (Great site with plenty of info for foreign language aficionados)

http://www.feedbacq.com/ (Global moving site created by a group of expats after one had a horrendous move experience. Be sure to check out their useful and interesting blog as well.)

BUSINESS-RELATED SITES SUPPORTING EXPATS (a VERY select list of people I know, have worked with and would personally recommend):

http://www.joparfitt.com/ Author, Journalist, Writing Instructor/Consultant & Expat Publisher (Summertime Publishing) ‘Sharing What I Know to Help Others to Grow’

http://expateverydaysupportcenter.com/ Online Coaches Norm Viss & Carol Van Dyken ‘We Provide Global Citizens With Tools to Overcome Isolation’

http://www.fireflycoaching.com/ Stephanie Ward, Business and Marketing Enthusiast, Specializes in Helping Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

http://www.movingforwardyourway.com/ Kate Cobb, Women’s Business & Executive Coach

PHOTO SITES THAT ROCK (Always remember attribution & link, even if not required, because you’d appreciate if someone did that for you):

http://moshersmoll.redbubble.com/works (reasonable prices for great NL photos)

http://www.freedigitalphotos.net (free)

http://www.freefoto.com (free)

http://www.everystockphoto.com (free)

http://www.sxc.hu/ (Stock Xchng) (free)

http://www.morguefile.com/ (free)

A FEW OTHER SITES (because like you, I’m into all sorts of things):









http://carrie-health-healing.blogspot.com/ (Carrie Sanderson)





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